Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Hearth Project

Recently I had the opportunity to visit an interesting installation created by students from Srishti Institute of Art and Design. Curated by faculty member Tulip Sinha Neel along with Silvana Rigobon, this project was the culmination of a month long module on Movement Medicine and Menstrual Awareness and the students were asked to interpret their learnings using textile techniques as a tool. The exhibit provided insights on movement medicine and how it influenced the mental and physical spaces of women as they go through their menstrual cycles using creative metaphors. 

As I was teaching a module on textile techniques, I thought it would be a great idea for my own studdents to take a peek and possibly exchange ideas.

The exhibit was a  riot of colours and patterns that were carefully curated in one corner of the Milton Street Park in Bangalore, The space was divided into designated areas, each of which had it's own story with the students' experiences woven into the content. 

One of the students from Srishti gave us an overview of how they approached the exhibit and chalked out the various concepts that they worked on.  

Here are some details of the exhibit ....

The tree of life- a symbol of spring and creativity

Creating family trees of women

Tie dye and ptached detals to build the environment

Textiles that were woven on a table loom at Srishti during their course

Narratives in thread and paper

Lovely woven textiles

Some of the local boys were quite curious and jumped in to help the students build their exhibit.. 

And some of my own students enthusiastically participated, got free crochet lessons and added to the exhibit..

During the course of the day, there was quite a turnout. I think it's a great idea that Srishti showcases their student projects to the public. Here is hoping to see many more of them !

Silvana was very sweet to get in touch with me and share her link for the event. You can take a look at the entire project in greater detail on the event's facebook page here


  1. Thank you for your lovely feedback! It was indeed a beautiful event. I enjoyed it very much, from behind the scenes. The students were amazing. The work they shared was really inspiring.
    You can see more on this FB page we created:
    Abundance 2015 Bangalore

    Greetings from Italy and I wish you a 2016 of AbunDANCE :)

    Silvana Rigobon

  2. Thanks Silvana! I'll add your link to the post as well. It was great meeting you !