Sunday, January 10, 2016

Game reviews: Edamame series/ Landsliders

LandSliders is an unusual yet quirky and fun game to play. Unlike most games where a central character navigates through varied environments, LandSliders has 79 basic characters and a set of novelty characters that you can unlock. They play in a game world that seems to look the same, yet changes with every character, giving it a unique feel every time you play.

Since our review at Edamame, the Prettygreat team have worked on randomising the worlds even further to make the experience even more unpredictable.. which I really appreciated!

With seasonal content updates and quirky quests to complete, LandSliders is very engaging, mildly addictive and just fun to play.

Read our review here, although you may want to check out the new stuff for yourself. The game is free to download and looks great on both the iPhone and iPad.

Here are some screenshots of my favourite characters!

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