Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pantone Colour of the Year 2016

This year, Pantone has chosen not one, but TWO colours that represent the 2016 Colour of the year.
Rose Quartz (PANTONE 13-1520) and Serenity (PANTONE 15-3919), or rather, the blending of both are the chosen ones and I am absolutely excited by these shades. Compared to the rather stark and bold colours that we have been seeing in the last few years, these shades are airy, light and a delight to work with, expecially if you are into textile furnishings :)

I am already looking at some beautiful interpretations of this trend.. Here are some of my favourites!


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Game reviews: Edamame series/ Landsliders

LandSliders is an unusual yet quirky and fun game to play. Unlike most games where a central character navigates through varied environments, LandSliders has 79 basic characters and a set of novelty characters that you can unlock. They play in a game world that seems to look the same, yet changes with every character, giving it a unique feel every time you play.

Since our review at Edamame, the Prettygreat team have worked on randomising the worlds even further to make the experience even more unpredictable.. which I really appreciated!

With seasonal content updates and quirky quests to complete, LandSliders is very engaging, mildly addictive and just fun to play.

Read our review here, although you may want to check out the new stuff for yourself. The game is free to download and looks great on both the iPhone and iPad.

Here are some screenshots of my favourite characters!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Game Reviews: Edamame series/ Gastrobots

Gastrobots was the second game that we chose in the three-part review for Edamame Review Club. In this case only three words are enough to motivate us to try this game: Retro-Space-Cowboy.

The introductory video is quirky and fun and Gastrobots quickly gives you the premise for the game and it's characters. The gameplay is basic, something you get used to very quickly- but the character upgrades and other missions keep you entertained. 

I didn't shoot a video for this, the screenshots below cover the spunky game art that I quite liked.

Read our complete review on the site here.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rop Playreel

Rop was a game that recently got featured on the "Free App of the week" List on the Apple App Store. So I made sure that I downloaded it before it got replaced and it was well worth it!

The controls are simple. The rubber like flexibility of the rope has been simulated so well that you can almost feel it in your fingers. And who doesn't like to unwind with brain puzzles every now and then?

The first level is completely free to play. The second and third levels are partially unlocked. You can unlock the entire game with an in-app purchase.

Check out my play reel that highlights the various features of the game

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Game reviews: Edamame series/Floors

Getting your game reviewed is undoubtedly one of the most painful experiences in every indie gamer's life. As of July 2015, there were 1.5 million apps available for download on the App Store (Statista) competing for limited review spots that would give the developer some leverage for  increased downloads.

So after contacting a very long list of recommended reviewers and busting our review budget really quickly, we had to look for options where people would review your game for free. And that is how we stumbled onto the Edamame Review Club. Their process is simple: Review three games on their list and get reviewed in return. We had a lot of fun doing this. Reviewing other games gave us the opportunity to really think about a lot of things- like what people like to play, aspects that really appeal to gamers.. etc

Our first review was the iOS game Floors. Easy to play, free to download, what really attracted us to it was the fact that there was absolutely no need to language to guide you to play the game. And it has the potential to keep you occupied for a really long time!

I couldn't get very far but managed to play a bit to really appreciate what the developers have done. Here is a quick video and some shots that capture the essence of the game

Here are some of the characters I unlocked during the session

Read our entire review on the Edamame site here.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Getting into Game Design

Two years ago, I joined my husband to embark upon a journey into game design. With absolutely no prior experience in the field, we plunged into the deep end, and came out on October 17th, 2015 with Chase & Hunt, our first game available to play on the App Store. There are probably a million things to talk about, all which have gotten crammed to some corner of my brain as we have worked relentlessly to bring the game to completion. But for the moment it feels great to show off a little bit and talk about what's come about.

Chase & Hunt, true to it's name, is a hunter's journey as an eagle. We were keen on creating a powerful experience with breathtaking landscapes, something that made the solitary journey purposeful and immersive, and we managed to do that by creating four unique landscapes to fly and hunt. Soon the rest of the elements began to fall into place the game breathed into life.

There were key lessons learnt, not just to create a great product but to also become an intuitive and productive person, a great team and we are happy to be where we are today.

Follow our work on Twitter and for all those gamers out there we promise that Chase & Hunt will be worth your while!

The Hearth Project

Recently I had the opportunity to visit an interesting installation created by students from Srishti Institute of Art and Design. Curated by faculty member Tulip Sinha Neel along with Silvana Rigobon, this project was the culmination of a month long module on Movement Medicine and Menstrual Awareness and the students were asked to interpret their learnings using textile techniques as a tool. The exhibit provided insights on movement medicine and how it influenced the mental and physical spaces of women as they go through their menstrual cycles using creative metaphors. 

As I was teaching a module on textile techniques, I thought it would be a great idea for my own studdents to take a peek and possibly exchange ideas.

The exhibit was a  riot of colours and patterns that were carefully curated in one corner of the Milton Street Park in Bangalore, The space was divided into designated areas, each of which had it's own story with the students' experiences woven into the content. 

One of the students from Srishti gave us an overview of how they approached the exhibit and chalked out the various concepts that they worked on.  

Here are some details of the exhibit ....

The tree of life- a symbol of spring and creativity

Creating family trees of women

Tie dye and ptached detals to build the environment

Textiles that were woven on a table loom at Srishti during their course

Narratives in thread and paper

Lovely woven textiles

Some of the local boys were quite curious and jumped in to help the students build their exhibit.. 

And some of my own students enthusiastically participated, got free crochet lessons and added to the exhibit..

During the course of the day, there was quite a turnout. I think it's a great idea that Srishti showcases their student projects to the public. Here is hoping to see many more of them !

Silvana was very sweet to get in touch with me and share her link for the event. You can take a look at the entire project in greater detail on the event's facebook page here